3 ways to feel more intimate after sex

3 ways to feel more intimate after sex

When you have sex with your partner, you are creating a bubble in which you two are the only occupants, and anything that aids connection between you will keep you in your bubble.

However, while cuddling can be a great way to get closer, some might not be up for it ​after sex they now feel heavy and holding your partner afterward can often feel a little annoying. But there are other ways to achieve the closeness if you are both not huge fans of cuddling.
Check out these 3 ways to feel close to your partner if after sex cuddling is not your thing.

1. Getting cozy

If you don't want to cuddle, that doesn't mean you have to just hop out of bed immediately. You can stay in bed to watch a favourite movie together or even lying next to each other and reading without saying a word can be very intimate.

2. Having a shower together

Having sex can get really sticky, sweaty, and smelly. After you finish, a burning desire to get cleaned up might be stronger than the desire to cuddle. But you both can get in the shower together thereby creating the perfect opportunity for intimacy.

3. Pillow talk rehearsal

Lying side-by-side and take advantage of having no distractions. If talking comes easily for you both, use the post-sex moment to talk about what you loved most about your experience or your fantasies for next time. Though talking about anything is a great way to build a bond, the more personal your conversation, the closer you'll feel.


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