Know how to stimulate all your partner’s senses during sex

How to stimulate all your partner’s senses during sex

Do you want to stimulate their senses? Here are few techniques to get you started.

Understanding how to arouse your partner's senses while having sex can be great fun. Our senses enable us to have an increased level of awesome sex.

However, when our senses are alerted, our bodies respond proportionately. So, in order to satisfy our partners sexually and also boost the level of knowledge we serve to our brain, we need to focus on these five sensory organs.

1. The sound

You should make a playlist that reflects the kind of sex you want. Do you want a sweet, soft, and romantic, or do you want wild, erotic, sensual, throbbing bass? If you don’t want music, stimulate your partner aurally with sighs, whispers, and dirty talks.

2. The smell

Essential oils or scented candles will help create the vibe, and you can find nearly every scent imaginable. Some are lemon grass, strawberry and white cotton and you can also experiment to find your perfect blend.

3. The taste

Soothe his or her appetite with finger foods they can nibble from your hands or that you can nibble off their body. Chocolates are a classic erotic treat, as are the juiciest of fruits, but if you want something that can tempt their tongue and is safe for sex.

4. The touch

Sexual, erotic massage can both relax and stimulate, but also experiment with different kinds of sensations. Try things like massaging their scalp or scratching their back, or playing with their erogenous zones.

5. The sight

Moderate lighting can set a romantic tone, so change the bright bulbs for a more romantic, soft pink colour, or use scented candles. You should also consider including more passionate colours in the bedroom to create a sensual environment.


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