Erotic Story The girl I met on the beach [part 2]

The girl i met on the beach
Then we went to see a late night movie, we finished the movie and we had sex in the car again.

We started with the traditional missionary position. However, it didn’t last long since it was my first time. She asked if it was because what felt like 5 minutes was more like a minute and a half. She said not to worry and that there would be plenty of more come.

It's only 7:30 pm and we end up cuddling on the bed while the tv was going in the background. She started the 2nd round by sliding her hand into my boxers and began working her way all over me.
But this time we tried a different position and since I had to get up and get another Durex, I was off the bed, and when I got it on, she was on the edge of the bed and opened her legs cordially inviting me to penetrate her.
I accepted of course, and she asked me to put her legs on my shoulders, this was great.
She felt like mixing it up a bit. I pulled out, almost about to burst, and she turns over onto her stomach and asked me to continue.
I wanted to last as long as possible so I could enjoy this sweet view. I lasted probably 2 minutes. We went back to cuddling. Then I got an emergency call, so I had to leave.
I finished up my emergency meeting, then I a call from her that I forgot my sling bag. I went back for my bag, but the view was inviting and we ended up fucking some more, I would say 3 times.
We would have done another round, but she was hungry and we decided to go eat at buka and then we went to see a late night movie, finished the movie, we had sex in the car again.


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