5 Sex energetic positions for the courageous and flexible

5 energetic positions for the courageous and flexible
Try these hardcore sex positions if you are super flexible.

If you are courageous and super flexible, these sex positions will give you the challenge you truly deserve.

Getting down in these erotic positions can be tricky, but if you are super flexible, trust us, it's nothing.
See hardcore positions below.

1. Single opposite wheelbarrow

The safe piledriverplay
Single opposite wheelbarrow

Your only job is for you to just rest on your rear. Then stands at your feet, lifts your legs and lifts your hips up to his so that he can climb you like a caveman. Make sure to keep your jawbone tucked to your chest so you don't break something. Therefore, he'll be able to hold you up longer if he stands back against a wall and holds some of your weight against his body.

2. The force-g

The safe piledriverplay
The force-g

Start by bending your knees, sit between your heels, then lie all the way back with your head resting on a pillow. Let your partner climb you on all fours. If your legs don't go numb, you will get some well-aimed internal stimulation, and you'll have hands free for an erotic clitoris access.

3. The light oral

5 energetic positions for the courageous and flexible.play
The light oral

Lie face down on a bed with your hips at the end of the mattress. Your strong partner stands at the bottom of the bed, lifts your legs over their shoulders, holds you up by the hips, and gets to work between your legs. It's going to be floaty and fun for you, and a little exhausting for them.

4. The deep thrust

5 energetic positions for the courageous and flexibleplay
The deep thrust

Let your lover lie flat on their back, you get on top with one leg right down between theirs and the other bent so your foot is beside their chest. You'll have way more control and you can grind as you want.

5. The safe piledriver

5 energetic positions for the courageous and flexibleplay
The safe piledriver

Then lie on a sofa with your butt up on top of the backrests and your head draping off the front of the front pads. Your partner stands over you, with their feet on the seat cushion, bending his knees and holding on to the back of the couch.


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