Erectile Dysfunction Everything you need to know about it

Everything you need to know about erectile dysfunction

For some men, simply losing weight and exercising more may help fight erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of problems which includes hormonal imbalance, ailments attacking your nervous system, and psychological causes such as depression and anxiety.

Erectile dysfunction is also seen as a normal initial sign of underlying medical issues, such as high blood pressure and heart disease.
However, despite the awareness of erectile dysfunction, many men and women don't really know much about this condition.
Below are things you should know about erectile dysfunction.

1. Erectile dysfunction is often the result of diseases

It is a result of ailments that become more common with age. Erectile dysfunction can also be a side effect of the medicine used to treat them. Some other possible elements of erectile dysfunction include prostate surgery, stress, relationship problems, and depression.

2. Other age-related factors can cause it too

Age-related factors can affect a man's energy to have an erection. Therefore age, tissues become less elastic and nerve connection decreases. But even these factors don't explain many cases of erectile dysfunction.

3. The cardiovascular ailment is a constant cause of erectile dysfunction

Jammed arteries affect not only the blood vessels of the heart but those inside the body as well. In fact,  up to 30% of men who see their doctors about erectile dysfunction are mostly attributed to cardiovascular disease.

4. Natural ebb and flow

A male aging study in Massachusetts suggest there may be a natural ebb and flow to erectile dysfunction and for some men, trouble with erections may happen and last for a notable period of time, and then partially or completely vanish without medication.

5. The use of recreational erectile dysfunction drugs

Use of recreational erectile dysfunction medicines to reach and sustain better erections than usual is assumed to head to provincial problems and raise the risk of suffering from psychogenic erectile dysfunction.


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