5 Body parts you need to exercise to improve sexual stamina

To satisfy your partner, here are exercises you can do to be better at sex.

Everyone wants to be better at sex, if not for everyone at least for that special person. You want her to have the best time during sex, have a terrific orgasm, and be happy with you in general.

Sexual stamina is what a lot of guys don’t have, after a while, the guy just blows his load, and that’s the end of it, only a handful of guys can continue having sex after ejaculation, the vast majority require time to charge up their battery.

Unlike people have told you, sex is important in a relationship, and you as a guy must make sure that you’re able to satisfy your partner. In other to be able to do that, here are body parts that require exercise so they can perform at their best.
1. Forearm
The stronger you forearm, the longer you can support yourself during sex.play

This is one of the body parts that men require for support during sex especially when you’re going at it using missionary position. This position requires lots of forearm help, you need to work on that. You will need to work those arms in the gym, try lifting weights and importantly do forearm curls.
2. Tongue
If you’re used to oral sex giving, then you’ll have found out by now that you need strength in your mouth to be able to last long enough for your partner to enjoy head. If you’re not strong enough, you may have jaw cramp while doing it.
In other to strengthen your jaw, you need to do tongue push-ups, you read it right, tongue push-ups. Here is how you do it, press the bottom part of the tip of your tongue against the front of the roof of your mouth, just behind your front tooth. Do it several times.
3. Watch your breathing
Controlling your breathing will relax to prevent premature ejaculation.play

Your breathing has a lot to do with how much you’ll be able to do a physical activity. One trick is that you try disconnect your mind and body, the more disconnected, the better the sex can be. You need to allow yourself to relax and focus on your breathing, so that your muscles can relax. Premature ejaculation comes sometimes from anxiety and tension.
4. Lower Back and Abs
It’s a thrusting game so, you need your back to be at its finest. The lower back muscles need to be worked. To work on your back, you’ll need to do the following type of exercises, deadlifts, push ups, inverted curls and squats, these exercises will help you build strength for your back.
5. Pelvic Floor Exercises
How to do pelvic floor exerciseplay

The part of the body is located along the pubic area to the tailbone. It’s a pubococcygeus (PC muscle that is shaped in the form of a hammock. This muscle is what is being used when you’re about to pee, it controls the flow. Without exercising this muscle, it can weaken over time, if your pelvic floor muscles are strong, it can lessen the risk of erectile dysfunction.
Just the same way the tongue push ups work, while you’re peeing, try to hold it back for a while then release it, do it in two seconds hold, then build more tolerance as you do more exercise.


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