7 Ways to do it without disturbing the neighbours

7 Ways to do it without disturbing the neighbours
Have neighbours? Quiet sex will save your sex life.

Do you have neighbours or children and just when you want to have sex with your partner, you realize your neighbours are up or your children.

It might seem impossible to have some erotic sex at that moment, not to worry, below are some noiseless ways to have sex.

1. Do it face to face

Make love face-to-face and just kiss when you are moved to moan. This will reduce the noise and increase the intimacy between couples.

2. Invest in a good noise machine

When you place it outside your bedroom door, it will block a lot of the sound from escaping. And you can even moan.

3. Make your bed calmer

You can move your bed away from the wall so it doesn't bounce. Put a blanket under the legs of the bed to keep it from sliding, and tighten the bed frame so it doesn't make noise.

4. Don't use the bed

You can try a standing position or switch up where you are having sex in your room. Try a more stable chair or toss a chair foam on the floor.

5. Try doing it in the shower

Turning the shower on won't let anyone notice what's happening. The only thing your children or neighbours will hear is the sound of the running water.

6. You can turn the music on

Try playing some jamz, or leave the television on. These sounds will make it harder to hear the sounds you are making.

7. Get your mouth busy

You can try 69 just to keep the mouth busy. Not only do both of you get to enjoy receiving stimulation from the other partner, but both people have their mouths too occupied to be too loud.


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